CSI Launches WME Check!

CSI is pleased to announce the launch of the WME Check.

The WME Check gives students more tools in their study toolbox to prepare for the WME Exam 1.

The WME Check has more than 300 questions within chapter quizzes and practice exams that allow students to assess their knowledge at different stages throughout the course. These proficiency tests will provide direction and guidance to help students focus their efforts and build their confidence in preparation for Exam 1 of the WME. Combined with hard work, consistent effort, and a thorough reading of the course material and chapter learning objectives, the WME Check can help a student improve their knowledge and ultimately pass the WME Exam 1.

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Mutual Funds Advice

Canadian Securities Institute launches Certificate in Advanced Mutual Funds Advice

Comprehensive new credential provides financial advisors with specialized knowledge beyond licensing requirements; serves as talent management tool

CSI has launched a Certificate in Advanced Mutual Funds Advice (CMFA) designed for mutual fund advisors who are managing a book of business. This certificate program provides in-depth investment and financial planning knowledge that extends beyond basic licensing requirements. The certificate program will also provide advisors with expert knowledge on managing their practice within the regulatory framework, while meeting ethical standards. The goal is to help advisors develop practical expertise in mutual fund management so they can better serve the needs of their clients and successfully build and maintain a book of business.

The Certificate in Advanced Mutual Funds Advice will not only help advisors professionalize their existing practice, but will also provide them with the flexibility to advance their financial services career. The certificate acts as a pathway towards achieving either the Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® or Personal Financial Planner (PFP)® designations. It can also be viewed as a credit towards the IIROC basic licensing requirement for advisors who choose to move in that direction.

While the Certificate in Advanced Mutual Funds Advice is an invaluable tool for professionals in the early stages of their financial services career, senior practice leaders managing a team can also benefit from this certificate program by leveraging it as a talent management and succession planning tool. Experienced advisors looking to pass their business reigns on to a younger generation can use the certificate program as an incentive to attract new associates and develop the expertise of their high-potential junior staff on the path to becoming successful advice practitioners and business managers with progressively higher levels of responsibility.

The requirements for the Certificate in Advanced Mutual Funds Advice include the successful completion of a mutual fund licensing course, such as CSI’s Investment Funds Course (IFC)®, and two professional knowledge courses – CSI’s Fundamentals of Financial Planning and CSI’s Building a Mutual Funds Advisory Practice. The Fundamentals of Financial Planning Course teaches learners to assess, develop and deliver an effective financial plan tailored to the client’s specific needs. The Building a Mutual Funds Advisory Practice Course provides professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to grow their book of business. All three courses are available online.



New Immigrants to Canada

“Check out this recent post on CanadaBound, a blog for recent immigrants to Canada. William Zeng, CSI’s Academic Director and Shamin Panchbhaya, a senior tax manager, talk about their experience as newcomers to Canada and what others seeking careers in financial services might expect to encounter. They also share CSI’s top five tips for success with new and visiting Canadians.

If you’re a newcomer to Canada and have a story to tell, we’d love it if you share it with us. Are you facing special challenges? Have you overcome obstacles to success? Feel free to post your own tips, stories or complaints in the comment box.”